Oil and Water A new Royal Society of Canada expert panel report on the environmental impacts of crude oil in water was released in November 2015. March 1, 2016
Latest Great Lakes Climate Quarterly December 2015 Issue for the Climate Impacts and Outlook - Great Lakes Region is available February 29, 2016
OEB Review of Energy East Ontario Energy Board has released its report on the public consultation and review of the proposed Energy East Pipeline August 23, 2015
Woodland caribou in decline, future uncertain In January the "State of the Woodland Caribou Resource Report" was released. February 5, 2015
Crude Oil and Water New research will study the "Behaviour and Environmental Impacts of Crude Oil Released into Aqueous Environment". February 4, 2015
Grass Roots Activism Citizens can make their voices heard? Scott Harris takes a look at past successes and future challenges for the environmental protection and sustainability in Northwestern Ontario. January 14, 2015
"Beyond the Fields: . . . The importance of forest and freshwater foods in Northern Ontario"
A recently released report.
November 17, 2014
Canada's GHG Emissions Read the latest Citizens' Climate Lobby Report on Canada's greenhouse gas emissions and a carbon pricing policy November 13, 2014
OEB Energy East Part One summary of the Ontario Energy Board Consultations is now available on the OEB Energy East Consultation Website August 2, 2014
Thank you Environment North would like to thank all those involved in the Earth Rhythms fund-raising concert on April 21, 2014. July 1, 2014