Beyond the Fields:

The importance of forest and freshwater foods in Northern Ontario.

From the Executive Summary:

Beyond the Fields: The Value of Forest and Freshwater Foods in Northern Ontariostems from that exploration and from the Forest and Freshwater Foods Project, a jointundertaking of Ontario Nature, the True North Community Co-operative, and EnvironmentNorth. The project aims to gather and share information about forest and freshwaterfoods and food systems to inform land-use planning, and better protect human andecosystem health. Forest and freshwater foods—including plants, animals and fungi—are integral parts of forest, aquatic and other ecosystems. Typically harvested withoutdomestication, these foods include moose, deer, caribou, waterfowl, fish, berries, nuts,seeds, wild rice, fiddleheads, mushrooms, and plants used for tea and medicine.

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