Forests Matter!!

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Walking Together or a Better World

Hillcrest Park to Waverley Park beginning 2 pm

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The Energy East Pipeline Propasal

National Energy Board Updates

March 29, 2017: National Energy Board Hearing Panel to Review Energy East and Eastern Mainline applications concurrently
January 27, 2017: Energy East Hearing to restart from beginning
January 9, 2017: National Energy Board names new Energy East Hearing Panel.
Stay tuned for updates or visit the website below.
Environment North believes the risks posed by the Energy East Pipeline to the waterways (from leaks) and to the climate (from expanded tar sands oil production) are not worth the limited rewards.  

Watch the video from the Ontario Rivers Alliance of a 3-D flight along the proposed  Energy East Pipeline route through Ontario.

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) concluded that there is an "imbalance between the economic and environmental risks of the Project, and the expected benefits for Ontarians..."    The OEB consultants Det Norske Veritas also commented that “that previous pipeline conversions in Canada have not been located in a project area which encounters hundreds of pristine water crossings ...”.  For more on the OEB report click here. 

Click here for a report on Oil released into Waterways 

Click here for a report on Oil Industry Expansion and Canada's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Commitments