The Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) is saved!

The internationally acclaimed, Experimental Lakes Area research station near Vermillion Bay was effectively closed by the federal government in March 2013.

Now there is hope for a new operator.

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The continuation of the ELA was celebrated at the Environment North Annual General Meeting

From the left: Graham Saunders, Bruce Hyer, Sue Grinstead, Kerstin Muth, Lucy LaFramboise, Charlene Rogers. 

Some of Environment North's contributions to saving the ELA:


"If fishes were wishes, the ELA would survive" an article by Kerstin Muth originally published in the Chronicle Journal on March 4, 2013. (click here to read)

To read Diane Orihel's summary of the press conference on "Municipalites in the Northwest support the ELA" in Thunder Bay on October 11, 2012

On October 10, 2012, Environment North hosted Diane Orihel, advocate for preservation of the ELA, to speak on the importance of maintaining this vital facility.

Visit the ELA website and learn about their research: