Presentation: Nuclear Waste In Northwestern Ontario View or download the presentation - updated January 30, 2020. August 27, 2019
Should We Be Spraying Glyphosate? Glyphosate use is controversial. Board member Bruce Hyer's article highlights human health and ecosystem impacts. August 1, 2019
Climate Changes Everything On May 16, 2019 the former Environmental Commissioner of Ontario Dr. Dianne Saxe was the guest speaker at the Environment North AGM. Learn more about her presentation! May 20, 2019
Environmental accountability Read the article "Accountability ensures gov't puts environment work ahead of games" by president Graham Saunders May 18, 2019
Citizen Participation: Bill 4 and Bill 66 Public participation is important and can make a difference. Read the article by board members Karen Peterson and Graham Saunders March 14, 2019
How Can the Law Help Guest speaker, Kerry Blaise from the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) gave a presentation (Nov 6/18) on how the law can help to protect the environment from climate change and from toxic nuclear waste. November 25, 2018
What Makes People Care? What motivates people to make changes? Read the article by board member Scott Harris November 1, 2018
It is not too late to act Local groups submit a summary of the IPCC's latest report to Member of Parliament Patty Hajdu. Eliazabeth May makes a speech in parliament. The time to act together is now. October 26, 2018
Wendell Beckwith Film Project Join Environment North in supporting this film project about the life of Wendell Beckwith. View the GOFUNDME video for more details. August 25, 2018
"From Climate to Caribou: How Manufactured Uncertainty is Affecting Wildlife Management" The boreal caribou are in trouble. This article outlines how denial of science is delaying efforts to protect the boreal caribou. June 30, 2018
Why We Should Be Concerned about Nuclear Waste Board member Dodie LeGassick shares her concerns about the plan to store Canada's high-level nuclear waste in Northwestern Ontario. June 24, 2018
AGM 2018 Highlights: Chromite Mining and Processing Environment North hosted a public presentation on the potential environmental and health impacts of chromite mining in the Ring of Fire and of ferrochrome processing. The guest speaker was Ugo Lapointe, Canada program coordinator with MiningWatch Canada. May 1, 2018