CLUPA 2616 and Woodland Caribou

The Crown Land Use Policy Atlas (CLUPA) was developed in 1990s. CLUPA 2616 is an area located between Wabakimi Provincial Park and Lake Nipigon and provides critical habitat for caribou.

Environment North board member Bruce Hyer is committed to ensuring protection of this area.

On February 20, 2021, Environment North submitted a response to the Draft 2-year Contingency Plan (2021-2023) for the Armstrong Forest (now part of the Wabadowgong Noopming Forest):

"We are sending this letter to express our hope that wherever possible, roads are located carefully, have least possible impact and winter only and removed and remediated after harvesting where appropriate and possible. This is particularly important near the north half of Caribou Lake, Hollingsworth Lake, and the group of lakes surrounding D’Alton Lake. CLUPA 2616 is a unique area. We feel strongly that it continues to merit the strongest possible protections to maintain its remoteness, and the viability of the woodland caribou calving area, migration corridors, and both winter and summer habitats."

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