Nipigon Withdraws

Township of Nipigon has decided to withdraw from the nuclear waste site selection process.

A group called "Citizens Against Nuclear Waste in Nipigon" did a door to door survey asking "Are you opposed to nuclear waste storage in or near Nipigon?"

Out of 598 people over the age18 surveyed, 85% were opposed, 3% in favour, 10% undecided and 2% preferred not to answer.

496 people also signed a petition asking Mayor Harvey and Council to withdraw Nipigon from the site selection process.

In addition two reports, which the Nuclear Waste Management Organisation prepared at the request of the Township, outlined some uncertainties pertaining to the geological properpies of the potential  disposal sitelocations and impacts on the community.

A brief point summary of the reports follows:  (

The Geoscientific Preliminary Assessment  

  • variability in rock types can lead to variable geomechanical, thermal and hydrological properties
  • potential presence of underground diabase sills that could create pathways for underground water movement
  • presence of mafic dykes (rich in magnesium and iron) which could damage the host rock
  • potential fracturing due to nearby Black Sturgeon fault zone and Jackpine River fault

The Community Well Being Assessment Peport 

  • the nuclear waste disposal project is not potentially not aligned with some aspirations and values of community members
  • the project has the potential to disrupt community cohesion
  • "challenges to addressing misinformation regarding the project in the area" [NOTE: the nature of this "misinformation" was not stated]