Mining Act missing from discussion

An article by Charlene Rogers, member of Environment North

"In December 2013, Lakehead University hosted a mining conference with an ambitious goal - to create policy recommendations to be put forward to the Ontario government that would promote sustainable mining development in our region. Presenters and attendees represented the mining industry, First Nations and environmental groups. Discussions focused on what policies could be put in place to ensure significant and lasting benefits to the region, and First Nations whose traditional territories will be most impacted from the mineral development. While potential new policies are important, an assessment of the existing Ontario Mining Act either historically or in its "modernized" form, was missing from conference discussions. Yet, it is from this Act that the rights of the mining industry flow and come into direct conflict with Aboriginal and Treaty Rights, communities and the environment."

Click here to read the complete article by Environment North member Charlene Roger's originally publised in the Chronicle Journal on January 17, 2014.

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