Environment North Minutes

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Location: Lucy’s                   12 noon - 2 pm

Board Members present:        

Lea Matyuska- chair, Lucy Laframboise, Dodie LeGassick, Karen Peterson, Graham Saunders, Bruce Hyer, Scott Harris, Susan Grinstead (recording)      

Board Business:

Motion #1:  To approve the agenda as amended.

Moved by: Bruce             Seconded by: Graham   Carried

Motion #2: To approve minutes for August 7, 2019 as amended.

Moved by: Lucy               Seconded by: Dodie      Carried

Send minutes to Kerstin for posting on our website.

The Treasurer’s report was approved at the August 7th, 2019 meeting. A notice will be sent to all for the meal at “In Common” before our 2019 AGM.

Business Arising

Law Students:  Two LU Law Students will work with us for 4 hours per week for 25 weeks, giving us Pro Bono 100 hours each. The following are some of the items that they will assist us with:

-Trout Lake -  discussed the procedures of the Rural Planning Board, environmental laws and the appeal process to the Ministry of Natural Resources

- Lake Superior – look at source water protection, look at improvements made recently at Marathon clean-up, look at law students writing an article for the Chronicle Journal newspaper or doing a webinar

Nuclear Update

We have a new banner. Buttons, bumper stickers and long sleeve T-shirts will be for sale at our booth at Hymers Fall Fair on Sept. 1st & 2nd.  Dodie would like to see links to her presentation on EN’s website. There have been questions asked about access to petitions on our website.


We are reminded that anything happening on treaty land, including spraying the forests, must have prior consultation.

Chronicle Journal

A blog may be set up in the future.


Lucy is collecting recipes for an Environment North Cookbook. They may be sustainable, vegan, vegetarian, ethically sourced or local. Photos are welcome too.

Climate Action

Paul Berger, from CUSP, reports that Friday’s for Future walkout will be on Sept. 20th and a general strike is set for Sept. 27th, 2019, during the UN Summit in USA.

Lakehead University (LU) Conference

LU will be hosting a full day Climate Change Conference on Monday, September 23rd. There will be 2 keynote speakers and the International Joint Commission is also presenting their latest findings and projects.

Next Meeting    Tuesday, September 24th, 2019