Toxins in Everyday Life First Environmental Learning and Sharing Seminar: Dr. Rick Smith discussed how toxins from everyday household products make their way inside us and the impact that they have on our health. November 13, 2013

Environmental Seminar Series Environment North announces the launch of a new Environmental Knowledge and Learning Series October 31, 2013
Local Hometown Hero Board member Graham Saunders is one of three finalist in the the 2013 Earth Day Hometown Hero Award June 11, 2013
Celebrating the ELA The Experimental Lakes Area has been saved. The Environment North Annual General meeting included a celebration of efforts to save the ELA. June 6, 2013
Green Prosperity A new action agenda for the province that can usher in an era of green prosperity. December 12, 2012
Power Plant Decisions Environmental impacts of greenhouse gas emissions need to be part of the decision making process of the future of the Thunder Bay Generating Station. November 24, 2012
Tour of Nuclear Waste Transportation Route MP Bruce Hyer to launch tour of communities along potential nuclear waste transportation routes. October 26, 2012
City disapproves of withdrawal from Kyoyo Protocol Thunder Bay city counil passed a resolution on May 28, 2012 that stated their disapproval with the Conservative government's decision to withdraw Canada from the Kyoto Protocol. May 28, 2012
Budget Concerns Grow Massive "omnibus" bills, cloaked in budget bills at both the federal and provincial levels are seriously undermining democratic processes along with environmental and social justice protections. Environment North is part of the growing resistance to these changes.

Please click here for the Chronicle Journal article by Julee Boan and more information on the provincial budget.
May 22, 2012