Climate Change

Energy East Pipeline Project Environment North has submitted comments to the OEB
Climate Risks Mayor Keith Hobbs and Canadian adaptation Allan Douglas to address local solutions to climate risks. April 14, 2014
Environment Canada destined to beome a minor player April 5, 2014
Energy East Pipeline "Our risk-their reward: Is the Energy East pipeline expansion good for Northern Ontario" an article by Julee Boan. March 23, 2014
Climate adaptation Canadian climate expert, Dr. Stewart Cohen. in town to share ideas on how to bring scientific and local knowledge together. February 1, 2014

Put a carbon fee on your wish list Members of the Citizen's Climate Lobby were in Ottawa in November 2013 to meet with MPs and discuss a carbon fee and dividend. December 17, 2013
SOLARIUM: A Case Study by Susan Grinstead
written in 2005 for The Office of Energy Efficiency, Natural Resources Canada
March 27, 2012
East Meets West The E-W Tie expansion will improve transfer capability of renewable energy in and out of the Northwest. October 31, 2011
The Costs of Green Energy Scott Harris's letter to the editor was originally published in the Chronicle-Journal on Saturday, March 5, 2011.
"Being Prepared" in a Climate of Change Article by Peter Rosenbluth was first published in the Chronicle Journal on February 26, 2011. The article discusses the costs of not adapting to climate change and the upcoming conference "Climate Change: Moving towards Adaptation" February 26, 2011
Environment North Position on the Horizon Wind Farm In 2010 Environment North released a statement on their position regarding the Horizon Wind Farm in the Nor'Wester Mountains. November 21, 2010
Comments regarding the Electricity Supply Mix Directive Environment North has written comments to the Ontario Ministry of Energy regarding the future sources of electrical power in Ontario. Environment North opposes the construction of new nuclear facilities at the Darlington Nuclear Power Plant (EBR: 011-1701). October 10, 2010
Home Sweet Home: Building for the future New building design and construction will be undergoing a revolution in the next decades. There are two primary motivations: environmental concerns (sustainability and climate change) and energy costs. Read More... April 5, 2010
Ontario "Cap and Trade" Discussion Paper Environment North prepared comments on the 2009 Discussion Paper: A Greenhouse Gas Cap-and-Trade System for Ontario. (EBR Registry Number: 010-5484). The effects of climate change in Northern Ontario are summarized and our concerns on potential problems of a Cap and Trade system were outlined. Our concerns were both general and specific to northwestern Ontario. March 1, 2009
Nuclear Energy - Option for Ontario? Nuclear Energy - is it truly a viable option for this province? March 22, 2008