Wendell Beckwith Film Project

Many travellers of the region have visited Wendell Beckwith's home on Best Island in Whitewater Lake north of Armstrong.  Local film maker Jim Hyder is telling the intriguing story of Wendell Beckwith, part of the recent history of Northwestern Ontario, in a new documentary and is looking for additional support.

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From the website: 

"...Wendell Beckwith’s cabins on Best Island are a part of the heritage and folklore of northwestern Ontario. Almost completely handmade, his cabins are now deteriorating and his story remains, for the better part, lost in time. Many of those who knew Wendell Beckwith are passing. Now is the time for the story to be told and remembered.

We are a small group of people who came together over the mutual interest of paddling in the outdoors and a shared love for storytelling. Member of the group and filmmaker (with numerous credits and awards), Jim Hyder, knew Wendell Beckwith personally and has been storing photographs, audio, and visual recordings of Wendell in his basement for 30 years. Jim had pursued a film on Wendell Beckwith with the National Film Board of Canada but it was turned down at the time. Now is the time and we are hoping to create a documentary 30-45 minutes in length about Wendell, his legacy and those that currently visit his cabins.

Others involved in this project include the Thunder Bay Museum, Lakehead University, Environment North, Wilderness North, and local community members interested in the layered legend of Wendell Beckwith and those who knew him. ..."