A Backgrounder on Nuclear Waste:

The Nuclear Waste Management Organisation is in the process of selecting a nuclear waste disposal site somewhere in Canada, possibly northern Ontario. This is déjà vu! Thirty years ago test-drilling for a nuclear waste disposal site began in Atikokan. It was opposed by a number of organisations, including Environment North and by a petition bearing 25,000 signatures of residents in the region.

And Canada continues to make more nuclear waste.

2010 Environment North Presentation


Gordon Edwards and Robert Del Tredici gave a presentation at the 2010 Environment North AGM, on "Ontario's Nuclear Legacy". They make a compelling argument on why nuclear energy should be phased out present options that deal with present nuclear waste. Gordon Edwards has spoken in Northwestern Ontario before during the Atikokan test-drilling episode. Robert Del Tredici's photo collection "Illuminating the Nuclear Industry" was on display. 


A "brief history" of the nuclear waste issue in Northwestern Ontario up to 2010.

Planning for "Take 2" in Ontario's nuclear future (2006)


Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility (co-founder Gordon Edwards): www.ccnr.org/

Northwatch: https://northwatch.org/

Nuclear Energy in Ontario (Ontario Power Generation): www.opg.com/power/nuclear

Nuclear Waste Management Organisation: www.nwmo.ca/