‘Nuclear is just not part of any feasible strategy that could counter climate change.’

This is the headline from a statement released on January 6, 2022 by four nuclear regulation experts:

Dr. Greg Jaczko, former Chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Prof. Wolfgang Renneberg, former Head of the Reactor Safety, Radiation Protection and Nuclear Waste, Federal Environment Ministry, Germany.

Dr. Bernard Laponche, former Director General, French Agency for Energy Management, former Advisor to French Minister of Environment, Energy and Nuclear Safety.

Dr. Paul Dorfman, former Secretary UK Govt. Committee Examining Radiation Risk from Internal Emitters.

Here are four of their ten points from their statement:

  • "Too costly in absolute terms to make a relevant contribution to global power production
  • More expensive than renewable energy in terms of energy production and CO2 mitigation, even taking into account costs of grid management tools like energy storage associated with renewables roll-out.
  • Too costly and risky for financial market investment, and therefore dependent on very large public subsidies and loan guarantees.
  • Unsustainable due to the unresolved problem of very long-lived radioactive waste."

To read the entire statement click here.