Lake Superior Climate Impacts and Adaptation

This report released in January 2014 outlines the expected changes in climate and impacts on ecosystems over the next 100 years for the Lake Superior Basin.

From the Executive Summary of the Report:

"This report synthesizes available science and identifies adaptation strategies and actions for Lake Superior ecosystems. The report provides a structure to track and share climate science related to Lake Superior and outlines potential climate change adaptation strategies and actions that can be implemented in the future. The report focuses specifically on adaptation of Lake Superior ecosystems and does not discuss impacts related to human infrastructure. ...  Projected climate changes are determined from the output of general circulation models (GCMs), which simulate changes in climate under scenarios of future GHG emissions. While specific changes may vary by location, a range of plausible future climate conditions is projected for the Lake Superior region during the 21st century."

To view the report click here (4.3 MB)