Keeping informed about Nuclear Waste and the site disposal process.

The Know Nuclear and Nuclear Waste websites have been created by Northwatch to help the public become informed about nuclear waste issues. Northwath is a non-profit organisation based in North-eastern Ontario.

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization is currently evaluating the various communities that expressed an interest in becoming a host community for a long-term nuclear waste storage facility. A total of 22 communities expressed an interest.

Status as of June, 2014:

Nipigon recently withdrew (June 17, 2014) from the site selection process.

These four communities are proceeding to more detailed studies: Creighton in Saskatchewan and Hornepayne, Ignace and Schreiber in Ontario.

Red Rock, Arran-Elderslie and Saugeen Shores, all in Ontario do not have very suitable rock formations and are no longer considered potential disposal site communities.

The remaining communities are undergoing preliminary assessments.