Comments on the "Proposed Growth Plan for Northern Ontario"

Julee Boan, president of Environment North has written comments on the "Proposed Growth Plan for Northern Ontario" and these were submitted in March 2010.

"We believe that a relevant plan for the future prosperity of northwestern Ontario should be framed within two emerging realities: 1) reduction of our dependence on fossil fuels, including economic development that recognizes the reality of rising fuel costs as we reach "peak oil", and 2) adaptation within a changing climate. We believe that true sustainability will result from new socioeconomic approaches that value conservation and stewardship as a benefit to northern communities, not a cost to economic development. The market directed approach currently emphasized in the Growth Plan for Northern Ontario falls short of the lower energy future and decentralization of political decision-making required to ensure a prosperous future for our communities. The role of the provincial government should be to support, not drive, the transition needed in Ontario's north."

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